Being fox rocks

SciFox is an arctic fox with white fur.

He can walk on two legs and is quite tall for a fox.

He is curious and interested in nature and other magical things.

He is smart and knows a little bit about science and magic.
But he can't do magic right now, he can only juggle with a ball.
And he can stand on one leg for a long time without falling over.

Sometimes he meets with other furry friends and they roam the city or a park together.
You rarely see him alone on the road because he is shy.

He often carries a flag or a walking stick with him.

He is friendly and even makes funny jokes sometimes.His life has not always been easy, but he does not show, when he feels lonely and his heart is sad.

You are welcome to communicate with him.

But of course he can't answer properly - after all, he is just a fox.





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